We are not accepting new clients at this time.  However, we are happy to refer you
Tiffany Callender and Melony Phillips for all of your dog training needs.

  • Does your dog ignore your commands?  
  • Embarrass you by jumping up on your visitors?  
  • Use your dining room as his personal bathroom?  
  • Dart through open doors?
  • Drag you down the street on walks?   
  • Bark uncontrollably, disturbing the neighbors?
  • Destroy your shoes, blinds, and furniture when you are away?  
  • Growl when you approach his food bowl or toys?  
  • Lunge at other dogs when out for a walk?   
We Can Help You!  We offer real solutions for your dog's behavior issues.  ShadowMe offers small group classes in convenient metro locations (Acworth & Kennesaw!), as well as convenient, in-home training to solve your most difficult problems.  

ShadowMe Dog Training LLC




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